Christmas Designs

Throwback: Snow Drifts

Taylor Hiddon from Hope Fellowship in Frisco and McKinney, TX brings us this snowy cold front on their stage. (Originally posted December 2012)

The hill type designs were made from R-13 insulation board from Home Depot. They placed the pieces together to draw out the shapes they needed. After that, they cut each board with a jig saw then placed each piece together to complete the look. Once that was complete, they took gossamer and set it on front of the pieces to create that crinkled look for the light to pick up.

The snowflakes were made from 3/4″ thick pink insulation boards from Home Depot. They were projected on a screen, then traced using a couple of snowflake designs they found on Google images. They were then painted pure white with latex paint.

The lights hanging above and around the set were mason jars with a typical light bulb inside. They were hanging from the actual power cords used to power the bulbs. The jars were extremely lightweight and did not cause any strain to the power cord. They got the instructions on making these from here.

Finally they had the Christmas trees. Those were standard pre-lit trees from Sams Club and Walmart. They used buffalo snow and artificial snowflakes to give it that wintry feel. Those elements were purchased at Walmart.

Trees on Stage Printed Lanterns