Christmas Designs


Joey Riggins from Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, FL brings us this stage design incorporating pimped out paper lanterns.

They started the set by collecting a few dying trees in the woods near their property. They painted them white with a paint gun and cemented them in mop buckets (two in each). Once the cement tried they pulled off the buckets and wrapped them in sheer white fabric.

To create the fluffy snowballs they ordered paper lanterns in 3 different sizes. Then they purchased white, metallic silver, and deep blue tissue paper. They cut the tissue paper into small squares and hot glued them tightly to the lanterns. Then they strung the lanterns together with white Christmas ribbon using tape to reinforce the holds. Then they hung!

The fabric was just long pieces of white, non-stretch fabric and the larger “gathered ” pieces were sheer . They lit it all with 32 LED fixtures from the top and bottom.

The only cost for the stage was the lanterns and the tissue paper–everything else was in-house.

Christmas Orbs United