Stage Designs

Throwback: Something Fishy

Shane Hollar and Jeff Meade from Shawnee United Methodist in Lima, Ohio designed these “fish sticks”. (Originally posted March 2011)

Inspired by I Dream of Rain, they took 4′ x 8′ pieces of 1/4″ plywood, painted them white, and cut them into 8′ x 2″ pieces. They laid the pieces out on the floor, spaced them 1″ apart and taped them to the floor so they could draw the design.

Then they cut the pieces and laid them out again on the floor. They drilled 2 holes in each end of the 344 sticks and tied the pieces 2″ apart for the “waves” and 6″ apart for the fish. Then they hung 2″ x 4″s across the ceiling of the back wall with brackets and brad nailed each strip to the 2″ x 4″. They anchored the bottom to keep from twisting with 8′ x 2″ pieces brad nailed to the bottom.

Finally they shined 6 LED bars across the bottom to light it up.

Located Portable Stripes