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Triangle Artifacts

Mike Gerrells from Mission Hills in Littleton, CO brings us this awesome triangle design.

They set this design up after Christmas as a generic set to last them until the next themed look.

To create the stage they used:
3 – 5′ box truss
3 – 10′ box truss
2″ PVC pipe

They used span sets to hold the truss together. Each side of the PVC triangle was 2 – 10′ sticks with 2 elbows at the end to create the bend they needed. They used PVC glue on them because they were floppy and heavy.

They also used white 2″ gaff tape to attach the PVC to each other and to the truss. They pitched the top of the triangle forward about 15- 20 degrees downstage so it had more dimension on stage

Lighting on the truss was:
6 – ETC LED pars
6 – 24″ LED strips

Their grid had ETC LED pars and R2x spots.

The floor had ETC led pars.

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