Special Event Design

Spacely Sprockets

Courtney Durham from Church on the Hill in McMinnville, OR brings us this very cool, industrial gear stage.

They bought a bunch of hula hoops from their local dollar store (24 total) and wrapped them with white duct tape so they’d reflect light. Then they wrapped the hula hoops with white and black vinyl (with staples). They bought the rolls of banner vinyl from a sign shop that was going out of business ($20 per roll). Then they made some templates of gears and spray painted them on in contrasting colors. They hung them with black twine and zip ties from the black pipes they use to hang drapery for funerals, etc.

They also printed a few gears to put on corrugated plastic that they had cut round (more repurposed material) and stuck them with little pins into the sound treatments behind the drummer.

The large 12x8s on either side of the screen were made of foam board and wood. They were collapsible with hinges. A congregation member printed the design on his large printer and they glued/taped the art onto the 12x8s once they were stabilized with braces.

$24 for hula hoops
$10 for tape/glue
$20 in spray paint
$5 black twine
foam boards are $14-$27 for 4x8s, depending on whether you get a 1″ or 2″ thick sheet

Gaps and Spaces Reaching

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