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Vaughn VanSkiver from Victory Highway Wesleyan Church in Painted Post, NY brings us this stage design straight from Peter Parker’s wrists.

This simple and relatively quick design cost less than $15 and took about three hours with eight people from their stage design and worship teams to construct. The only expense was three rolls of white curling ribbon (the same kind of ribbon used for Christmas gifts), which cost less than $3/roll, and duct tape.

To get the “crossing/intersecting pattern” with the ribbon, they ran a strip of masking tape up the backside of one of the vertical struts of each of the four trusses. They marked off 2” increments on the tape. On the outside trusses, they marked the two inches off in even increments (2”, 4”, 6”, etc.) and on the inside trusses in odd increments (1”, 3”, 5”, etc.) to keep the spacing between the ribbon consistent. Then they experimented to find a pattern they liked.

To also achieve the crossing pattern, they duct taped one end of the ribbon to the top of vertical strut on the backside of the truss on the “two inch even increments” and then ran it to a “V” (so it wouldn’t slip) on the front post of the adjacent truss and back to the bottom of the truss where the ribbon originated.

They reversed the pattern on the trusses using the “two inch odd increments”.

They had an extra truss that they laid on the floor in front of the drum cage and simply attached ribbon from it to the nearest upright trusses.

There was some maintenance involved in the set as some of the ribbon would come untaped due to the tension on the ribbon.

Lighting was done with ADJ megabars, ADJ LED pars, and Elation 5R’s.




Copy of WebStage-11

Copy of WebStage-12






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