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Alex Robinson from Capital Area Christian Church in Mechanicsburg, PA brings us this Super Bowl Sunday design.

From Alex: This design was for a worship service on Super Bowl Sunday, but it was also the “kickoff Sunday” for a major series/capital campaign. We went all out for this one and even had a drumline, showed fake Super Bowl style ads during the services, and had “commentators” at a sports news desk giving commentary on the sermon, etc.

The design idea came from the look and aesthetic of CBS Sports (the network carrying the Super Bowl this past year). Once we knew we wanted to go this direction, it was actually a really simple design using coroplast (10 pieces x approx. $20/piece = $200 for 2 campuses) cut into arches and two pieces cut into the circle in the middle. These were stapled to flats we already had and lit using generic led bar lights (which we already had). We used white 2″ gaff tape for the yardage numbers on our tile stage (the only time it was actually cool to have a *green* tile stage :). We simplified the design at our other campus (pictures included of both campuses), went without the center circle and put down green all-weather carpet to simulate the look of grass (picked up cheap at a carpet outlet near us).

The commentator’s desk was borrowed from a local production company and came with lights already on it.

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