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Spring Sprung

Tamara Ham from Cypress Meadows Community Church in Clearwater, Florida brings us this springy stage design.

To create this, their design team created multiple daisies in sizes ranging from 5 ft. to 1 ft. across. They used white, green, and fluorescent green poster board from a dollar store. Daisy centers were made from yellow tissue paper, and wrapping paper hot glued to yellow paper plates. Petals and leaves were folded and gently curved to give dimensional effect and catch the LED light. An insulation 8×4 ft. board was cut in half and painted green and mounted to front walls to add paper grass and daisies to give even more dimension.

They used discretely hidden push pins to hang the flowers on the walls. Total cost was about $60.







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  1. sam joe says:

    can you please mail me a detailed process in making those daisies.

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