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Squared On

Ryan Clark from Midlothian Bible Church in Midlothian, Texas brings us this simple grid design.

From Ryan: The project started when our previous poster board bubble background started to lose its shape from humidity. We came across a Facebook Marketplace ad that had several pieces of Zintra sound panels for sale. They were random lengths, between 40-50″. Zintra makes great panels but they are very expensive ($9 per square foot). We got these for much cheaper and couldn’t pass it up.

We used 1×3 lumber from Lowes and screwed them to the walls in a pattern that would support the tiles, but hide from view. We started the tiles from the center and worked our way out. We used industrial carpet tape and finish nails to secure. We made a couple fixtures/spacers out of extra tiles which make the placement go much faster once the first tile was set.

Besides the aesthetics, we’re noticing an improved sound on the stage that we attribute to the new panels. For uplighting we are using the same 42″ RGB bar lights that we’ve had for about 6 years. These were purchased on Ebay from an importer and the 8-pack was about $800.

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