Kids/Youth Designs

Squares and Youths

Joshua Mathews from East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN brings us this design for their student room.

They took furring strips and cut them so that they had two 12’ 4” by 6’ frames. They’ve been doing different things inside of them with LED tape. Everything gets painted with a flat black contractor paint and these tiny little paint rollers Joshua found at Menards that are super helpful for smaller surface areas. This time they made the squares with furring strips and then attached LED tape that has soldiered cables at each corner to make the 90 degree angle (it was a long afternoon of soldiering). Once the squares were on the frame, they put them back in the walls. Then they used white plastic table cloth to cover the inside so that the LED tape would shine better when they put some PVC tiles from in front.

They also use some LED wash lights to hit the tiles from the front to make them look like they’re different colors.

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