Christmas Designs

Strips and Reflectors

Michael Taylor from Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico brings us this great Christmas look.

From Michael: For this Christmas, we wanted a design that made a statement, but didn’t break the bank. That could big and flashy, or intimate and low-key, depending on the type of music the lights were complimenting.

The centerpieces of this design were 9 large homemade reflectors. Inspired by vintage-style fixtures like the the Robe Patt, we ordered 9 large stainless aluminum mixing bowls from a kitchen distributor, and stuck a 6” LED Strip inside. To disperse the light evenly throughout the bowl, a frosted plastic cup was placed over the strip. This diffused the LEDs to give the appearance of a single light source, compared to 6 LEDs.

We painted eight 8’ x 4’ sheets of thin Tempered Hardboard with Rustoleum Heat-resistant paint, and reinforced the frame with square steel rods. Holes were drilled into the panels for wiring, and the LED strips were stuck on using the self-adhesive backing. The Bowls were rigged up using a simple nut and bolt poking through to the backside. The DMX decoders and power supplies were also attached to the backside using the nut and bolt. The panels were hung on the wall using the “French Cleat” method.

The 5 chandeliers on the ceiling were cheap crystal chandeliers ordered from Amazon. We took some LED Pars we had lying around, and shot the light down through the crystals.

All of the lights are controlled from a Chamsys Magicq 2010 Pro.

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