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Jordan Greene from Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA brings us this awesome art installation.
Jordan strung 1,500 feet of white wire, connected to around 50 fluorescent bulbs arranged in a vertical line. This was inside a shipping container.

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6 responses to “Storage Installation”

  1. Chris says:

    This could use a whole lot more information. Love the design, really cool idea. How was it all powered? How did you do the “for God.” on the glass like that? Why does it say “for God”, I can’t see the rest of the installation that well. What was the cost? Things I’d really like to know. Thanks for contributing this.

    • Hey Chris.

      It’s powered via two Edison plugs on either side of the container (to the left and right side)

      It’s a reverse adhesive vinyl – most vinyl printing companies will do Thai for you if you let them know why you’re trying to do. This way the graphic is attached to the backside of the glass instead of the face.

      For God, For People, and For the City are a common theme for Passion City Church. This was just one representation of one of those things.

      The cost was somewhere around $600.00 this will vary depending on the type of bulbs you use and the cost of your local vinl printer.

      There isn’t really anything to see that isn’t picture above – the whole of the installation was within the shipping container.

      Thanks for your interest

  2. Jesse Wilson says:

    Where did you get the shipping container and what was the price for that?

    • Hey Jesse, the shipping container was already in the church – I believe it has been there since they remodeled their building. Here in Atlanta you can get them on craigslist for as little $1,500.00

  3. Dinah Vaughn says:

    Love this! Was this dim-able? Did it bother the eyes of the audience? Were there options besides ‘on’ or ‘off’?

  4. Robin Lear says:

    i absolutely love this.

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