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Storming the Castle

Gary Brownell from Sagebrush Community Church in Albuquerque, NM brings us this sweet, medieval castle set.

Their series artwork revolved around a medieval knight so they built him a castle.

They built the turrets from 1/2 inch styrofoam from Home Depot and curved it around a 2×4 frame to form a half circle. They cut out a window in the top of the turret and used gels to make it look like stained glass.

They wallpapered the styrofoam with plastic sheeting from partycheap.com that looked like a real rock wall when lit well. (A 30′ x 4′ roll of the plastic is $12.00.)

They made the front wall out of 1″ styrofoam and notched out the top for a castle look and covered it with the plastic sheeting.

They used their existing PVC truss and suspended the round screen which was projected on by their front projector.

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One response to “Storming the Castle”

  1. migar561 says:

    please show more details on the material you used for the colums and how you curved them…and what you used for the stained glass windows…it’s a great design!

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