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Throwback: The Orient Express

Lisa Masteller at C3 Church in Clayton, NC put this series backdrop together based around a cool area rug she found at Lowes. Shoji screens were arranged on both sides of the stage from top to bottom…then the area rug hung in the middle as the main visual. (Originally posted May 2010)

Her original goal was to use real trees on the stage, but ended up settling with “L” shaped planter boxes on each side of the stage. The planters were made from boxes fitted with a very shallow inside, in order to easily “fill” the box. They used white rock with oriental looking floral pieces found at River Pottery and Pier 1 imports (Pier 1 was the least expensive resource). The outside of the boxes were covered with wire mesh material from Michael’s.

At World Market she saw a two tall cranes for $16 each and used those inside the planter boxes.

Finally, the gong was made from an old large water heater pan. She it with a hammer, faux finished it and then her friend Tony made the wooden part to make it look very authentic!

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2 responses to “Throwback: The Orient Express”

  1. Andrew Hunt says:

    More great ideas and uses of everyday materials to make a nice stage. With all of the different churches and teams you’re blogging about, I’d be interested in hearing the processes everyone uses in order to accomplish their designs. Again, great blog.

  2. mr mabhoza mamba says:


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