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Throwback: Strands

JP Harris from Woodcrest in Columbia, MO brings us this stage design inspired by fast fashion. (Originally posted August 2011)

JP designed this set for their series titled “Eleven” based on Hebrews 11. The original idea came from the front of an H&M store. The strands are pieces of landscaping tape taped to uni-strut at the widest points and peg board at the closest. The set was mostly lit with Chauvet COLORpalettes.

You can find landscaping tape next to the “caution” tape at your local hardware/home improvement store.

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7 responses to “Throwback: Strands”

  1. Very stinkin’ cool. CONSIDER THAT ONE STOLEN! haha

  2. Steven Hall says:


    That is an amazing use of creative talent. I would have never thought to use that as a set material. This set is among the coolest I have ever seen. Great job! Keep up the amazing work for the Kingdom.

  3. Steven Hall says:


    Well good for you. It sounds like you married up. I am lucky enough to be in the same boat as you. Kudos to your wife (and you for convincing her to marry you).


  4. Syd Matthes (Jacobs well eau claire,wi) says:

    Can’t find that tape anywhere…Do you have a link for it on an online store?


  5. Steven Hall says:

    Home Depot and most hardware stores sell it. It is made to flag posts and such when doing construction.

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