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String Width

Creative Team from MiChurch in Merritt Island, FL brings us these different width materials.

For the words, they created a string art stencil printed on a wide format printer on plain paper and then taped it to the wall. They screwed dry wall screws into the wall at 1.5 inch increments or less. Next, they used nylon twine to outline and filled in the letters.

For the inset walls and higher, they painted 2″ and 3″ PVC with bright white flat paint. The pipes were screwed into place in a pattern that mimics string art on a larger scale in both the inset walls and above the legs.

Finally, on the outside “legs,” they followed the pattern of the inset walls with large scale string art by building a frame around the 4×8 legs using 2×4’s and then using drywall screws and larger white nylon rope.

Material List:
Nylon twine
Drywall screws
PVC pipe, 2 and 3″ diameter
Nylon rope
White paint
Black paint for touch up and leg frames

Budget: approximately $350.

Diamonds and Squares Built House

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