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Built House

Dee Dee Blankenship from Morrisville Assembly of God in Morrisville, MO brings us this nice structured design for their youth room.

Wax (optional)

The base for this project was a 6’ X 4’ piece of plywood. After the plywood was cut, lines were drawn down the center, both vertically and horizontally. The wood from the pallets was then sanded and cleaned, and the first angle was laid to start a herringbone pattern. After the pattern was completed the boards were screwed on (they could also be nailed) and the excess was cut off. Then the boards were sanded one more time, cleaned off, and hand waxed with a clear wax in order to bring out the various grains of the wood.

After placing the wood walls on the stage, 2x4s were screwed together to create a brace, allowing the walls to be freestanding, and were then screwed to the wood walls. Each wall had two braces.

All in the project took about 15-20 hours. The materials were all found for free, and the only cost was the wax, which cost about $36.

String Width Willowy Conduit

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