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Willowy Conduit

Jared Baker from The Village Christian Church in Minooka, IL brings us these industrial trees.

From Jared: We used some flexible conduit to design 2 trees on our outside walls. I had a fuzzy vision of it in my head, but had some key volunteers with artist brains who really pulled off probably more than I was even thinking! I had some 1″ flexible conduit lying around from an electrical project, so we used that for the trunks of the trees, probably about $25 at the hardware store, Then we used about 75′ of some smaller sized flexible conduit for the branches, probably another $40-$50. Plus the clips to attach them to the wall maybe another $15. Finally one of the volunteers cut out some birds with plain white paper, and we stuck them up with double sided tape. For lighting we used lights that we already had. For lighting at the base of the trees are 2 Hotboxes from Blizzard, looks like they are about $200 ea online right now. We also used 2 of those for our lower trusses at the back of the stage. The trusses we also had lying around. The ones that are on the stage are just standing on 2 Global truss bases. The 2 elevated ones are actually resting on an i-beam at the back of the stage, and also attached to some safety wire in the ceiling. To light the elevated trusses and the tops of the trees, again we used lights we already had, they are the Elation Opti-Quad Pars, I believe they are discontinued now, but the Sixpar that they make now is actually a better light (uv light built in). In the drum cage I have a couple of super cheap LED lights that were lying around, something that I purchased from They aren’t great, but they do the trick! I think that’s it!

To cut the conduit, we just used a circular saw with a metal cut off blade. The conduit is not real heavy so we just used some nails in the clips to attach it to the dry wall.

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