Stage Designs

Circle Screen

Craig McConnell from UTbelfast Church in Belfast brings us this creative stretch screen idea.

From Craig: I have wanted to create a stage with a circular screen for a while now, but just hadn’t figured out a way to do it on a small budget. That was until I was at my sisters house and she happened to mention that she needed rid of their old trampoline.

And then the idea came… so I took the trampoline, reattached the jumping surface and painted it with 3 thick coats of flexible paint. (This allows us to roll it up and store it without the paint cracking).

I repainted the frame to clean it up a bit and then we hung it from our truss. We used the mask function in ProPresenter to created the masked image, and used Motion 5 to create some graphics specifically for the circular screen.

Our Easter Sunday evening service is always a baptism service, but the stage risers we build last year covered the baptism tank so we needed to move them. (How we built the risers –

We stored one, and flipped the other two on their end, stapled Coroplast to them and used them as giant light boxes. We placed 2x 1m Pro Spectra LED battens inside, but we also placed a short throw projector in front of each of them so we could also project on to them.

These came in really handy when people were being baptized, as we were able to send a live camera feed to these side screens and allow people further back to see clearly.

All in all, the cost of this was very cheap (less than £100) because we already had the risers, some Coroplast, the lights and my sister gave me the trampoline. All we really need to buy was paint and hire a couple of projectors for a weekend.

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