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Summer Tubes

Josh Blankenship from LifeQuest Church in Kansas City, MO brings us this cool summer stage design.

For their series “5 Keys to a Healthy Family”, they wanted something that said “summer is here” but was also fun and playful. Their budget is between $50-$100 for any stage design they do.

So they purchased twenty 36″ Neon Inner Tubes from Amazon (they got a daily deal for about $8 for a pack of 2). Once they had the inner tubes, they grabbed some 6 inch long nails from Home Depot and hung them right on their back wall (which is almost always painted black). They left one row of tubes laying on the floor to give it a more 3D look.

They had 8 PAR 64 LED lights that sit on the floor about 3 feet from the inner tubes.

Total cost on this design was about $100.








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One response to “Summer Tubes”

  1. eric says:

    did they start to loose air at any point?

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