Stage Designs

Surgical Liturgical

Dean Stelow from Northbrook Church in Richfield, Wisconsin brings us these exquisit stained glass panels. Dean created the frames for these beauties with with 1×2’s. The arch was cut out of 3/4″ plywood. The frames were put together with truss plates (connector plates). The stain glass patterns were printed on a translucent plastic material and backlit.

To deal with the reflection off the back of the panels he created a light box by placing a stage flat 2 feet behind the panels, covering space between the flat and the frame with a black opaque fabric. Each box was lit with two 200-watt halogens.

The size of the panels were 12’x3′, 10’x3′ and 8’x3′. The trees were simply lit with white and blue lights.

Catch Some Waves Church at the YMCA