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Check out this first attempt at a themed stage design from Bill Pendleton at Liberty Heights Church in Liberty Township, Ohio. Bill cut different sized box shapes from 1/2″ x 4’x8″ polystyrene insulation (5/8″ sheets from Lowes) panels. He painted most of them off white and left a few silver for a little drama. He then hung them with fishing line. In front of the polystyrene he hung plain cardboard boxes at angles. He also used stacks of boxes around stage–some open, some not.

Bill made the light box on floor in front of the band out of 1/2″ partical board. He cut 4″ x 4′ and 20″ x 4″ strips to make 3 paneled light boxes. Combined they created a 12′ light box. Inside he used white polysilk stapled to the boxes. He lit the light box with two 5″ cans.

Total costs for this design: $75 materials and $65 for more plexi-glass on drum set stage.

Graffiti, Plural: Graffito Catch Some Waves

2 responses to “Boxsplosion”

  1. Kirk Hopkins says:

    Way cool! Thanks for sharing ideas of how you can do a great looking stage on a low budget.

  2. Pam Hopkins says:

    Bill, you are so creative and talented. That looks really cool!

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