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Graffiti, Plural: Graffito

This church in South Africa vandalized their own building for this series. Matt Ludik and his team at Grace Family Church in Durban, South Africa used graffiti to visualize their series A.K.A or “Also Known As” – highlighting some of the different names of Jesus…

The leadership at the church allowed them to graffiti each week’s word on the side of the church building! Since their church can be seen from the road, it caused quite a stir, and congregants were sure the church had been “vandalized” before the first service on Sunday.

They also got a young graffiti artist in the church do 4 graffiti murals to hung on stage–matching the “grungy” graphics on the screens.

The senior pastor wrote notes with spray paint on a ‘whiteboard’ they designed! They also had some hip-hop dancers do a small item, in keeping with the urban theme.

They ended the series on Easter with the word “Risen”.

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One response to “Graffiti, Plural: Graffito”

  1. brian says:

    I love the out of the box thinking with this. Integrating the whole building. If the overall church community atmosphere fits with the design choice it wouldnt feel 'gimmicky' and I think its a great idea. Id love to see more churches trying unconventional ideas like this.

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