Stage Designs

Swagged Awards

Mark Mealy from LightSound Productions helping Southern Wesleyan University brings us this award show design.

Organizers at the university wanted a set that really changed the appearance of the entire room.

The Stage

All of the fabric was IFR scrim material. Curtain rod pockets were sewn into the ends to allow for suspension. The material was pulled across the stage and attached to the truss. Since the material was very lightweight, there was very little horizontal pull on the truss structure. Wrinkled screen was used behind the band. This was lit with Chauvet LED lights, Martin MAC 250s, and Robe MSZOOM 250xts. The Warrior helmet logo was projected by using a gobo in an ETC Source Four.

Butcher paper was taped to the fronts of the band risers to allow light to be projected from behind. This was lit with Chauvet LED lights.

Truss and LCD TVs were used at the podium area. The lower TV’s displayed a constant logo while the upper TV’s display mirrored the main projection screens. Chauvet LED lights were used as truss warmers.

The House

The columns on the walls were lit with DLS LED fixtures. Six 8′ columns were created with two pieces of barn skylight material and lit with DLS LED fixtures. The SWUPYS logos were projected from the balcony using gobos in two Source Four fixtures.

The hanging lights are 24” paper lanterns that are hung in columns. Colors were chosen to represent the school colors.

Equipment List
12 DLS LED fixtures
12 Chauvet LED fixtures
4 MAC 250s
4 Robe MSZoom 250xt
3 10′ Applied 12” triangle truss
2 10’ Penn 20” box truss
2 ETC Source 4 575W/26 degree
1 ETC Source 4 575W/36 degree
2 40″ LCD TVs
3 42″ LCD TVs
2 DMX Splitters
2 NSI DDS6000 dimmer
2 DMX to twisted pair adapters
1 Chamsys MagicQ PC with PC Wing and Extra Wing
1 Hazebase Pro
2 computers for video feed
House lighting and projectors

Design was completed using Capture Polar visualization software.










Parenting Stage Design Diamond Projection