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Chuck Tomkins from Regeneration Nation Fellowship in Rocky Mountain, Colorado brings us this stage design incorporating real children.

This stage design was for their parenting series called “ReParent”.

They started by cutting some plywood to 4’x4′ that they fixed to their back wall. But then, the morning of, they chose random children who were checked into their kids program to be living parts of the set. They looked for attractive children who were well-behaved so they wouldn’t be a distraction during the service, of course.

To attach the kids to the plywood sheets, they made homemade velcro harnesses that the children wore under their shirts. These attached to velcro strips attached to the plywood.

Some of the children were hesitant to be part of the set, so they promised juice boxes and candy to them. (Obviously the juice boxes after the service, since they wouldn’t be able to have a restroom break.)

To add a bit more variety to the kids, they velcroed them into unique stances on the plywood. This kept them from being able to move and be distracting. The velcro strips added a little bit of residue to the children’s arms and legs, but that’ll come off with time.

All in all, the stage only took 30 minutes to set up on Sunday morning with a team of 4 volunteers and a ladder. Plus, the stage materials were free! (minus the cost of juice boxes and candy)

There was only one small mishap in the second service during the third week where the velcro came loose. Fortunately it was a child on the bottom row, so the fall wasn’t too far. Once they stopped crying our stage hands simply re-attached them and the service went on.


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5 responses to “Parenting Stage Design”

  1. Time Blacklock says:

    Wonderful use of children! This really shows their versatility. I’m sure this took a little pressure off of the children’s ministry by taking these little angels into ‘Big Church’. I’ll be pitching this idea to our team real soon. Happy March 32nd.

  2. Joey says:

    How many light were used on the design and was it up lit or down lit.

  3. Janet says:

    We did this at our church, but we used duct tape and staples! I am going to go out on a limb here and assume this was an April Fool’s joke!

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