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True North

Dana McKinnon from Oak Hills Church in Eagan, MN brings us this stage design for their youth group, NORTH Student Ministries.

The lights under the projector were gelled par cans shining on a painted black Coroplast sheet with styrofoam bowls hot glued to it. Dana found that it is best to put different color gels shining on the bowls. In this picture they have a darker red on the outside and a lighter red on the inside. This was a super cheap project. They bought 100 styrofoam bowls for $15 and black paint for $10. And any 4×8 sheet of something would work.

The white columns had their logo on them. These were made of white Coroplast. Originally they put par cans inside the column, but the colors do not pop well inside white Coroplast.

The arrow was their favorite project. The lights inside the arrow were standard 40W lights in standard light fixtures. They made a frame out of hardboard and 2x2s. They made the frame like a shadow box so, the light does not escape. The lights can get pretty bright, so they liked to have the arrow attached to a dimmer. This project costed about $85.




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