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Tangled Mangled

Tim Blacklock from Keystone Church in Saline, MI brings us this set design for their series “Tangled”.

Tim wanted to find inexpensive cordage, and lots of it. So he took a trip to the local farm supply and found baler twine, 4500 feet to the spool and bought three spools for a total of $38 and 2.5 miles worth of knotable props. He started with walking off 120′ lengths of twine that would droop over the diagonal of their auditorium. After two spools, he decided to start “stringing”it. While doing the high work, he started tying off to anything he could find – cameras, lighting, trusses, speakers, in an attempt to get a little 3D feel. As he tried to get individual strands to work with, he was creating tangles without trying.

When it came time to do the backdrop, he had a convincing tangle that he grabbed, hung, and spread out. The letters were purchased at a local art store for around $50 and nestled in the clump. The other members of the design team joined in out in the lobby and back in the auditorium by tossing, stretching, looping more and more twine, wherever it could go. Everything was kept just high enough so the kids weren’t too tempted to jump up and grab it.

Designed by: Tim Blacklock, Chris Nevins, and Matt Crigger








Glowing Letter Boxes Curved Panels

2 responses to “Tangled Mangled”

  1. Glendale Matias says:

    Nice! Is the color of the twine florescent orange?

  2. Tim Blacklock says:

    The color is just a regular orange, but with a bit of a sheen. Blue light on it made it sort of glow.

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