Stage Designs

Tangled Sparkles

Trey McGuire and Shane Reed from Brookwood Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana brings us this glittery stage design with shatterboxes.

They recently constructed a new stage design using the “shatterboxes” look as well as lanterns. All homemade and easy to construct. They constructed (4) 6′ lantern towers and (4) 8′ lantern towers. All towers were 24″ square covered by white fabric stretched on three sides (back was open to allow access). They were lit using the same strings of C7 globe lights as the ones hanging above the stage.

The shatterboxes were made of 2×4’s (painted black) and strips of black Coroplast cut into 1″ and 2″ strips that they stapled to the back side of the 2×4 frames, then covered on the back side of that with white fabric. They made (3) horizontal 4’x8′ boxes as well as (2) vertical 4’x8′ boxes for the stage and placed them in-between the lanterns. The shatterboxes located under the screens were made out of (4) separate 2’x12′ boxes.

All shatterboxes were lit by Chauvet LED fixtures (Colorado’s and Color Dash Accents).

Above the stage, they hung (7) strings of C7 globe lights.

Materials used:
2’x4’s (for Shatterboxes)
2’x2’s (for lantern towers)
Black Paint
Black Coroplast
White Fabric
25′ C7 Globe Light Strings (purchased from World Market)










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