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Throwback: Texture Towers

Lourdes Gonzalez from Iglesia El Maestro de Camuy Puerto Rico brings us these textured towers. (Originally posted August 2013)

They were inspired by a similar design on the site. But they changed the texture to a flat form so they could mount them on their back walls. They covered the flat side of the cones with metal screen and white spandex. They built the cones with wood and lit them with LED Par cans.

To complete the design, they added some squares covered with screen metal lit again by LED lights.. The total cost of the project was $1,200 and it took 4 days to build, 2 days to assemble, with 6 people working.





noid-IMG_0904 noid-IMG_0915

Glowing Channels Truck Face

5 responses to “Throwback: Texture Towers”

  1. Donnie says:

    Did the total cost include the lighting?

  2. L Reed says:

    This was very clever and looks great from out in the audience. It gets hard to come up with stage designs that look interesting, support various colors and programs, yet are cost effective. Love this idea!

  3. Gab Clark says:

    That looks great!!! Are they textured with plastic wrap?

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