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Projected Boxes and Arrows

Brian Tetter from Frederick Christian Fellowship Church in Frederick, MD brings us this awesome triple wide projection set.

From Brian: This is the base stage set seen in “Giant Gold Ornaments” we did back at Christmas. It’s a combination of a version of “LED by the Spirit” and some triple wide projection. First we started with a basic design similar to the “LED by the Spirit”, but we enclosed the LED strips in a half of a 2″ PVC pipe with Coroplast and diffusion gel on top to get an even light. We reused the electronics built for “Glowing Pieces” to save money. The rest of the set is white Coroplast. 2 pieces for a center screen, and then sections built at 90 degree angles lifted off the floor for the side pieces. We had to lift the pieces high enough so the projectors would catch them since they were closer to the projectors. We used 3 projectors and ran the images masked through ProPresenter and a datapath for the triple wide image.

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7 responses to “Projected Boxes and Arrows”

  1. Eric Web says:

    How did you get the projector to project only onto the side screens without it bleeding over onto the walls? I really like the screens. Is the center screen just coroplast?

  2. david says:

    I second Eric’s question. Where are the projectors located for the side elements, and how did you ‘mask’ the projection to only hit the front and side of the boxes?

  3. David says:

    Thanks so much for the photo with the projector!! I now have another question, super unrelated to this post. We are looking to purchase new chairs for our church, and I want some just like the ones in your newest photo. Do you know where, or who I could contact to find out where to purchase chairs like those? Thanks!!

  4. Jose says:

    Hey Brian, thanks for sharing this! It looks amazing. Can you please share the dimensions of the Coroplast screens? It looks like the sides are the same dimensions so both the center and side dimensions would be great. Thanks!

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