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The Art of Genesis

Christian Nuckels from Weems Creek Baptist Church in Annapolis, MD brings us this cool stage design for a Genesis sermon series.

To help bring to life a new sermon series featuring the stories of Genesis, the Stage Design Team at Weems Creek decided to create a rustic design using pallet wood and silhouettes. To create the title sign, the team attached pallet wood to a large piece of particle board and stained it dark brown, and attached white Coroplast letters. Similarly, the center cross was made from 2X10 boards stained dark brown, and placed on a background made of natural pallet wood attached to a piece of particle board. The back of the cross was affixed to a 1X1 to make room for a rope light to be run behind the edges to give a subtle glow effect. The frames were constructed of 2X4s with L brackets. An organic textured fabric was then stretched over the 2X4 frames, which were then covered in pallet wood.

An exceptionally talented member of the team created silhouettes in Photoshop depicting each of the scenes for the series, which were then projected onto a wall and cut out of black poster board and placed on the back side of the fabric. Since they only had room for six frames, but had 12 silhouettes for the series, they had to be switched out after the first 6 weeks. The silhouettes were backlit using Elation QA Pars. The team made all their own wire to length to hang the various elements. A bumper video was made to match the stage design, and tie the elements together.

Wood, Coroplast and Hardware: $250
Fabric and Poster Board: $50
Total Design / Build / Install Time: Approximately 60 Man Hours



















Dropped Slats Towers and Turrets

4 responses to “The Art of Genesis”

  1. Louis says:

    The cross and pallet board is awesome! It all is, but that stands out to me.

    Did you nail the pallet board to the particle board or was it glued on? Please describe how the pallet board was secured to the particle board.


  2. Crystal Thomas says:

    Can I ask how they attached the silhouettes to the fabric???

  3. Tami says:

    What kind of fabric was used?

  4. Tammie says:

    Please share what type of fabric was used and how silhouettes were attached.

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