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The Cup

Chelsy from Bethel Citichurch in Jakarta, Indonesia brings us this wall of cups.

1. Small plastic cups 50 dozen
2. 2 boards Coroplast
3. LED lights
4. Adhesive
5. paint

Around $48.

1. Prepare the Coroplast. Cut into the desire size. ( Chelsy cut the heights to 1 meter, and used 2 boards of Coroplast)
2. Paint the Coroplast, (she painted it black), then let it dry. After that, make a hole in order to put the LED lights in. The distance was about 20cm between each hole.
3. Put the lights inside the hole. She made “Jesus” using the blue colored LED and the others were white LED.
4. Attach the plastic cups with adhesive.

1450575895965 Screenshot_2016-05-24-10-14-32_1

Pit Stop Stacked Carefully

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