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Pit Stop

Dustin Pead from Friendship Church in Greenwood, IN brings us this pit stop stage design.

To celebrate the 100th running of the INDY 500, they did a two week series called “Pit Stop” about refueling through time with God.

For the stage design, they wanted to recreate a true to scale pit stall complete with pit box, wall, tools, gear, and tires.
Jason Shipp, their lighting director, races cars so he put together this sweet design with gear he had in his shop.

The pit wall was just made of 1/4″ plywood with a 2×4 frame for support and standing.

The pit box was actually scaffolding they use to change their lighting rig and help install other stage designs. To make the scaffolding look like a pit stall, they designed a banner to cover the face of it with the “sponsor name and number”. They constructed a roof for the pit box by reusing some leftover metal siding from their recent building project, propped up with and screwed into 2″ PVC which they mounted to the top of the scaffolding.

They wrapped the bottom of the scaffolding with some black mesh wrap they had lying around to hide the rest of it that the banner didn’t cover.

From there they added several props to complete the ensemble and they were ready for the green flag.

image13 image14 image15 image16 image17

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