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Wood Trimmed

RealJoy Youth Ministry from Joy Church in Mt Juliet, TN brings us this design built entirely by students.

They used two 8-foot pallets on each side of the back wall that were bolted together vertically and flown from their rigging grid. Then they looped Christmas lights behind them to give them depth of field. They took the remaining pallets and broke them apart. They used the wood to build cages for their metal trusses… This gave them a more earthy feel. They secured them to the trusses with zip ties.

They bought sockets, wire, and Edison plugs… And made 20 of their own Edison fixtures. This saved them hundreds of dollars! But their favorite part of this design was the oil drum chandeliers one of their students made. They had two oil drums donated to the ministry and had the idea to turn them into light fixtures. One of their students burned the paint off of them and used a plasma cutter to cut holes in them. Metal cross bars were welded into the top so that they could mount them and drop a light in them… They were flown from their rigging grid with chain.

The most visually interesting part of their design comes from the focal wall. With the extra scrap wood from the pallets they broke down, they made a 14 foot scrap wood wall. They started it on the ground, but it became very clear they weren’t going to be able to lift it for very long as it was getting extremely heavy. They set it into place and finished adding scrap wood pieces. They got all of the wood for free, so the only thing they bought was electrical. The wire, plugs, sockets, and Edison bulbs came to a total of $120.

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LED Pixel Wall Upped

3 responses to “Wood Trimmed”

  1. Donny says:

    That is awesome!! Love the industrial look and the keyboard stand is killer. Nice job fellas.

  2. Vema-En says:

    Amazing student’s job! I love the industrial look of the stage, so modern and cool! Your students are talents!

  3. Angela says:

    Looks great! What is the material around the screen?

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