Stage Designs

The Feels

Austin Coleman from SoulQuest Church in Jackson, TN brings us these emoji panels.

The back wall designs were 18 emojis printed on light cardstock paper and cut out. Then hot glued to white 8 foot by 4 foot corrugated plastic.

Sides were made of four 1 foot by 1 foot boxes stacked and glued together. The boxes were then spray painted black.

They used clear 3 inch plastic cups to give the emojis on the boxes some depth.


  • Corrugated plastic: $15/per at their local shirt/sign provider
  • Boxes: $.98/per at Wal-Mart
  • Printed emojis: Around $.50/emoji
  • Cups: $3

Total: Less than $100.




Peeking Lights Soul Levels

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