Stage Lighting


Cameron Robbins from Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona brings us this lighting concept from their youth room.

Here’s what Cameron says:
The design theme that I have been going for has been like a galaxy look, in the sense that it is all about the light. I don’t use any fabrics and I take extra time to make sure everything is black including the gear. I notice that sometimes it’s popular to show off gear but I don’t do that because I believe the lights and sound are there to set up an atmosphere for worship. Also having everything black makes the light beams have more presence. In this design I included par36 light banks (crowd blinders). It is our youth room so they do use them occasionally to give the audience a tan, but there main job is to give off an amber glow. One thing iv learned from my friend Daniel Connell the LD of church on the move is to have that amber glow in all my designs. It really helps with adding warmth to the look and goes great with dark blues and purples.

I realize that I am blessed with how fast our church has grown in the last 2 1/2 year and all the resources that come with that. I also understand that not all churches have that. What I can pass on is when you are buying fixture don’t be afraid to go used. I own 43 movers and only 6 of them I bought new. The 22 fixtures I bought for the new youth room I waited for tours to come to an end and bought the fixture off them. I was able to get 6 month old mac250 entours that normally are $2950 for $1900 each. I did the same with VL2000s and all the lights came with road cases for free.

Another big thing is when you do a big purchase of a few lights or more, go out of state. When you go out of state you don’t pay sales tax. With this last purchase I did it cost me $300 dollars more to ship it in from another state but I saved $6100 because there was no tax.

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