Stage Designs

The Great Truss Set

Steven Hall from in Norman, OK brings us this proscenium look with angles of trusses and lots of beams.

They hung layers of truss to create some depth as well.

They grouped most of their lights in groups of 3. It helped them to create some cool fan effects that duplicated across the stage. They used LED Pars as their back light wash. They used Colorblasts with narrow lenses to create some nicely fanned beams and their Mac 101s gave them some additional flexibility as beams and also a drape wash. Lastly, they internally lit all the trusses.

The largest challenge with this set was hanging and wiring the downstage trusses via a lift which took a lot more time than planned. It took two days to hang wire and test everything.

Their budget for this set change was $0, so everything in this was re-purposing their gear.

This set was up from February to Easter. More details here.










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