Christmas Designs


The Production Team from New Pilgrim Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah brings us these glowing Christmas presents on their stage.

They did a variation of the “Christmas Presence” design. They loved the design, but the dimension needed to be different for their stage and some of the materials they used were difficult to obtain and costly. These presents were made of wood pieces cut at different dimensions, covered in white fabric and trimmed with black ribbon. They used ribbon mesh to make the bows at the top. The fabric and ribbon was stapled to the wood frames. Total budget was about $400.







The Great Truss Set Pins and Points

2 responses to “Gifties”

  1. Hello NPB Production Team,

    What kind of fabric did you use? Were these 4-sided frames or three-sided? What kind of lighting did you use on them?

    Thanks for any and all help.

  2. Y. Elaine Skinner-Ntiri says:


    The fabric we used was a white broadcloth. It has a little more of a sheen than muslin and filters the light a little differently. Once we stretched it and stapled it down we steamed out any wrinkles left so the surface was smooth. The only issue with the broadcloth is it only comes in 45″ width, so the largest box had a few seams that we hid with the ribbon (the largest box was 9’x4’x4′).

    The fabric was stretched leaving the back and bottom open so we could place our panel LED’s inside. We did attach additional framing to the top of the big box so the panel lights could be placed inside and fastened in down. We played around with placing the lights outside of the boxes but liked the look with them placed on the inside.

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