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The Nut Wall

Mandy Holden from Innovation Church in Lafayette, IN brings us this cool design made from styrofoam.

They used Styrofoam pieces that they got for free from a local business. They were for shipping transmissions for Caterpillar. They drilled holes on each end, then tied them together in rows with zip ties. After spacing them out 2 ft apart all along the stage, they then made a random pattern going across the stage. Cost was only $14 for the bag of zip ties. It took about 5 hrs from start to finish.





Triangle Wall Jitter Plates

2 responses to “The Nut Wall”

  1. Cher Casper says:

    Looks so good! Pastor Mandy and Pastor Billy were my youth pastors when I was a teen! I’m so glad their church is taking off so well. These 2 are great! Looks so amazing e c erytime they make a new stage wall! She is amazingly creative!!!

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