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The Softer Side

A sweet set from Benjamin James Hunt, the Lighting and Scenic Director from Browns Bridge Community Church in Cumming, Georgia. This set incorporates floating translucent fabric, foam brick walls lit from the ground, and some sweet patterned panels.

Christmas in the City Ray to Wall

7 responses to “The Softer Side”

  1. brandon says:

    How did you do the three brick walls behind the band?

  2. The rock walls were all vacuform, a ABS plastic product that is heated and molded into various textures. We used the stacked stone version.

  3. Chelsea & LeTisha says:

    What did you use to suspend the fabric? And do you have any suggestion of something that is not noticeable to the audience?

  4. Pamela says:

    I’m in L-O-V-E with this stage design!!!! I do have a question- are all the curtains (ceiling and back and front of stage) one color and if so, what color are they? Thanks

  5. Sean Walker says:

    So… An AVL contractor called MUZEEK WORLD has used a picture of this stage as a representation of their work in Churches. They even have it captioned wrong as, “Church and Worship A/V Southern California.” When this church is in Cumming, Georgia. Can anyone do anything about it? It kinda erks me to see something that took a lot of time and effort to be used like that.

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