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The Torch

Angela Yee from Saddleback Church Irvine South in Irvine, CA brings us this Olympic torch look.

They created this torch for a volunteer appreciation event. Up close, you can see it was made out of cardboard, paper, paint sticks, and tape. It was spray painted gold. Stage props are all about how good things look from the audience, not how good they look up close.

The frame looked bare on their big stage, so they borrowed the technique from the Christmas set originally inspired from CSDI, where they used plastic wrap to wrap the frame.

They put the bowl on top of the frame. Then they  purchased a 2′-high fake flame they put into the bowl on top. It was a unit with white silk shaped like a flame, a fan, and colored lights.

2016.0804torch01a 2016.0804torch02 2016.0804torch04 2016.0804torch05 2016.0804torch06 2016.0804torch07 2016.0804torch08

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  1. Glendale Matias says:

    This is cool! The light beam affect using drapes is effective!

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