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Tony Bedora from The Crossing in Kirksville, MO brings us this boarded UFO.

Tony figured out this design as he went. The only direction is that he knew he wanted a diamond shape.

So he first put up four 15ft, 2x4s that went from the floor to the rafters above. He attached the boards (painted black) to the rafters and the floor and put an angled brace on the floor to make it more secure. Then he bought ten 1x6s, fifteen 1x4s, and fifteen 1x3s. He laid the boards on the ground first to estimate where he was going to put each board. He first place the middle, top, and bottom boards and filled in the space in between using a 6-inch level as a spacer and to make sure each board was level. He screwed each board to the vertical supports “randomly” but with the end shape in mind. As he went he cut the length of the boards to make sure that they were achieving the shape they wanted.

He left some gaps to add 6 LED par cans within the shape as blinders.

He painted the front of the boards white and used four Chauvet Colorstrips on the floor to light the design and placed one behind the design so that he could light through the spaces. They were also able to project on the shape so they can do more than just lighting. He also reused some door screen material they had from their Christmas background to help define the space on our stage.

In all they had 24 LED par cans in use, 5 Chauvet Colorstrips, 40 boards and 2 sections of door screen on stage. The cost for the design was around $200 for the wood, screws, and paint.

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2 responses to “The UFO”

  1. Brandon H says:

    Is all of the stage lighting done with LED Par Cans?

  2. Tony Bedora says:

    Other than the Colorstrips in front and behind the design (4 in front and 1 behind) yes all par cans. We do however light our worship leader and singers with focused spots while they are singing.

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