Stage Designs

Thin Lines

Brian Black from The Fellowship Round Rock in Texas brings us this design inspired by many slat-wall designs on the site.

They decided to build their own and added hanging lights to create a star-like upper stage design. The cross design in the center was an afterthought once they had the panels setup…they just used some black fabric to cover two slats on each panel. The panels were easily moveable with just one person as well. The hanging lights were just 12 gauge wire twisted together at different lengths with a screw-fit light socket on the end wired to some romex and plugged into one fader so they could control the brightness from the booth. They used 40-watt vanity bulbs in those. The panels were lit with some thinpar 64 LED’s from overhead and 2 lights per panel.

noid-Final noid-12'_and_8'_Panels_Builtnoid-Hanging_Light_Wires_Closeupnoid-Hanging_Light_Wiresnoid-Painted_2x4snoid-Wood_Painted,_Stained_&_Stacked

War Zone Growing Foliage