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Three Wide

Vinicius Mello from Comunidade da Graça (Grace Community) in São Paulo, Brasil brings us this awesome use of LED screens.

This was the stage design they used for their annual conference of young people [in Him we can]. They had approximately 4,000 young people attend.

To make the stage they used 3 LED wide panels – P10 in the background for effects and moving backgrounds and one in the center in front P6 16: 9 main screen. Along with this, they used lights and boxtruss structure to hold everything.

The stage was setup for two days and took approximately 15 hours and 15 people working to make it happen.

26 – LED Par
07 – Strobe Lights
08 – Moving Spot
16 – Moving Beam’s

MAG Encontrão 2015

MAG Encontrão 2015

MAG Encontrão 2015

MAG Encontrão 2015






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  1. wycliff says:

    men its awesome and amazing plus being exuburant. lovein it big tym yooooooooooo

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