Stage Designs

City Windows

Autumn Libengood from First Assembly Community Ministries in Lafayette, IN brings us this cool design that looks like a city.

They got old windows that were given to them by a business. Then they took two painters cloths and had their stage design hand paint a city view onto them. They outlined the city view with chalk before hand painting onto the the cloth, something highly recommended. Then they hand-made a box with wood 5ft by 8ft that was for a back drop for their pastor to be rolled out when he spoke. They painted it black and then built wood boxes that were again a city view. They wanted to give it a 3D effect. They also hand painted them to look like buildings. Then they laid out the city view and laid the windows on top of it to make sure they fit just right. They used eyelets to be able to attach each window to each other. Then they hung the city view from the lighting track and then the windows in front of it, attaching each window to each other. They followed that pattern until they were done.

Materials used:

  • About 30-35 old windows (free for them, but normally around $10-$20 each)
  • Side walk chalk
  • 2 painters cloths $20 each at Menards
  • About 20 different colors of old paint they dug out of a closest
  • 3 different sizes of paint brushes
  • 1/8 for the frame of the T.V.
  • Back of the T.V was .25in laune wood
  • Buildings were made out of left over laune wood
  • Wood cost around $100.00
  • Expanded scrap metal they got for free
  • 4 2X4X8 with bracing’s for feet with 4 wheels cost $35.00
  • Eyelets around 75 of them at around $4.00 per pack
  • Wiring 18g around $15.00

They spent around $400-$500 on this project and their stage designer spent about 50-80 hours on the creation of the stage with help from a professional builder for the T.V.

The City View is for sale along with the T.V. and some windows. Please email their stage designer at if interested.











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