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Throwback: Tiles and Lights

The Central Production Team from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, AZ brings us this tile and lights stage design. (Originally posted December 2013)

This set was made from rented scenic tiles. The tiles were about 2 ft x 2 ft squares with a matte gray finish. The tiles had hooks to connect them all together, and they were hung from several runs of truss.

Video and lighting were used to project imagery onto the tiles. Uplighting was also used on each separate vertical column of tiles. The uplighting was done with ColorBlast TR’s.

The end result was a set that was visually huge and capturing for the audience.







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4 responses to “Throwback: Tiles and Lights”

  1. Johnathan Ness says:

    can you please post a link to a video of this in use? please and as soon as possible! this looks amazing!!

  2. Chad Green says:

    What was the source for the scenic panel? Is there a better description if it’s construction?

  3. Is this rear projected or front projected? what size of projectors did you use

  4. Mike Cloobeck says:

    Considering the tiles are solid, it would have to be front projected.

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