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Throwback: Round Letters

Ryan Law from Radiant Church in Surprise, AZ brings us this stage design for their series entitled “Letters”. (Originally posted August 2013)

For this series they went with a typewriter theme. The font was custom created by one of their designers. It was basically Courier New customized.

They wanted a 3d feel to actually bring the “letters” to life. Putting an angle to the logo and lighting it with LED movers allowed them to separate it from the background. They also lit on the back wall with LED bars.

They had a challenge with the letters because the two T’s as well as the E’s had rounded bottoms, so they attached all the letters to each other and mounted them to the floor. It was very stable.

Materials used:
Ceiling tiles from MioCulture: $200
8″ thick 4×8 sheets of expanded polystyrene cut: $479
Letters painted w/ acrylic off white paint to separate them from background: $20







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8 responses to “Throwback: Round Letters”

  1. Justin Morken says:

    Any info on the process? They look too perfect to be cut by hand.

  2. tracy grubbs says:

    what are mio tiles attached to? and how’d you attach them? thanks!

  3. Dave says:

    I was part of this design. The tiles were attached to frames, 4 of them to be exact. The letters were cut professionally at a machine shop.

  4. josh says:

    Where did you buy the expanded polystyrene? Having a hard time finding it in the right thickness?

    • Gary says:


      We’ve done similar projects for VBS, Easter etc…it looks to me like they’ve glued pieces together to get the appropriate thickness. I might be wrong but if you look at the E in the last pic (unless its the lights) it appears to be ridge lines.

  5. Ryan says:


    We actually found this polystyrene. We did not want to have to piece it together. So after searching we were able to find it thick enough. We wanted it this thick because the letters just needed balancing but could hold themselves up. Check your local machine shops, or places that carry coroplast.

  6. Ledelphia Boyd says:

    How do I order the letters. I am in Chicago, I need three letters… KWR

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