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Matt Koenig from Gracespring Bible Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan brings us this cool kids design.

From Matt: For this design, we went with an overall room theme of future. We wanted the entire room to encompass this theme. This was a complete overhaul of the room. Before we started, there were no theatrical lights, no set design, and no room design.

The first thing we began working on was the boxes seen on the front of the stage and on the side walls. Creating the light in the boxes are 8 strips of LED tape. They are connected to the back sides of the plywood. Then to create some reflection on the back of the boxes, we added bubble insulation. This works great to bounce the light off of and creates a unique glow from the box. The plywood then has an 1.5 inch slat cut into it to let the light shine through.

The triangles are made from white and gray Coroplast. The white triangles are mounted 1.5 inches off the wall to give the design a bit of depth.

Controlling this room is an ETC Nomad setup. Using Magic Sheet inside of Eos, I created multiple pages and buttons that would allow the room to be controlled very easily.

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