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Tin Commandments

Charles Hill from Open Door Church in Edenton, North Carolina brings us these street sign ten commandments.

The “10 to Live” series was an 11-week series based on the 10 Commandments and the theme was inspired by the “Fast and Furious” movies. Keeping with the theme, their Music and Media Pastor Chris Whitehurst came up with the idea of placing each commandment on a road sign. That idea evolved into creating a garage look on stage and hanging the signs on the wall.

The design itself is very simple. Stage flats were constructed out of 2x4s from a previous set. Two 8’x8′ stage flats were placed on each side of the stage about five feet off of the back wall. This was done to create wings for storage and a hidden stage entrance/exit. The stage flats were then covered with black bed sheets using staples and push pins. Queen size sheets worked the best.

2 1/2′ wide corrugated metal was then placed on each end of the flats and in the middle. It was attached with small screws and staples. The metal was up lit with LED Par 64s.

The signs were made at a local sign shop using Coroplast. They were attached to the stage flats with push pins on the rear then hung with fishing line.

Each week, the Commandment that this being taught was brought off  the wall and mounted to a sign post next to the pastor. The sign post was made using a vinyl post attached to a plywood base.

Since much of the material was reused, the total cost was around $225. The signs were $100. Metal $75 and sheets were around $50. They already had the six Par 64s on hand.




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