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Window Frames on Chains

Dale Kline and Ben Mack from Lifesong Church in Sutton, MA bring us this stage design for their Christmas series called ‘Inside & Out.’

The big idea in the design was to use old window sash to hang and place across their platform—creating a textured look while catching some colored light. In addition, Dale and Ben wanted to create a layered look so that after the Christmas series concluded, they could pull down the window sash and still have a simple textured backdrop for the beginning of 2014.

Chain Link Panels

They began by creating 6 chain link panels (4×8’ in size) out of a bundle of chain link fence and 2×2’s. They quickly spray painted the 2×2’s with gray spray paint to blend the framing with the fence. They then attached the chain link fencing to the 4×8 frames using black zip ties. The panels were hung using black paracord. Here’s the materials they used:

  • 1 bundle of 4’x 64’ chain link
  • 18 2×2’s
  • 4 cans of spray paint
  • 1 packet of zip ties (10 per panel)
  • 6 packs of 550lb test paracord (also used in hanging the window sash)


For the windows, their team was able to round up 30-40 windows from local sources like Craigslist, construction companies, etc. for free. For this design, the team used 20 windows overlapping the chain link panels. Before hanging the windows, they decided to layer the windows on the floor and screw them together to maintain the same look. The guys then used i-hooks on the top of the windows to hang them using the 550lb test paracord. Additional windows were hung in various locations to create some symmetry.

Project cost: Just under $200.

Christmas Eve Add-ons

For their Christmas Eve services, they added in 8 lanterns with each having 1-2 candles inside. They also placed candles in different locations on the platform to create a more intimate environment.


The team removed the hanging window sash, lanterns, and candles for a stripped down variation for the beginning of 2014. The chain link panels caught a little bit of color and light creating a nice look for their service environments.













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  1. Barbara says:

    This is a great design that can easily carry you through several different series. Great Job!

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